Best Marketing Campaign Pepsi Max

Best Marketing Campaigns – #4. Pepsi Max Uncle Drew

Pepsi MAX is a “zero calorie cola that defies your expectations,” so they needed an idea that did the same. 

Pepsi dressed up NBA star Kyrie Irving as an 80-year-old man and brought him to a pickup basketball game in New Jersey suburb and created one of the most watched (+80Mn Views) branded content campaigns of the decade.

This ad shows that you don’t need to spend millions of dollars to attract millions of eyes.

In the First Chapter, Pepsi filmed a pickup basketball game and one of the players suffered an injury and Uncle Drew replaced him. He was happy to join the game and showed them how the game should be played. He was jumping and stealing the ball like an NBA Star Player.

But actually, Uncle Drew was, in fact, the NBA Rookie of the year. Kyrie Irving went under hours of makeup to become Uncle Drew – Just as Pepsi Max is a regular cola disguised as diet. 

Pepsi focused on social media for this campaign. 

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