Best Marketing Campaign - NordStorm

Best Marketing Campaigns – #1. NordStorm

Why this is one of the best marketing campaigns? You will now after reading this blog. This strategy has now become mandatory in every organization.

NordStorm is an American fashion retailer. Now they are recognized for their best customer service.

What they did? They started to collect examples of great customer service form their employees and posted them as Nordy Stories.

One of the great examples of their customer service is that they offered their customers (Including who had purchased from their rivals and then visited their store) free gift wrap service.

In 1975, A man with 4 snow tires in his truck came to store to return them. But he found out that the tire shop was closed and a NordStorm Store was in its place. Now, what would you have done? You would have gone back to your home. But that guy went to the store and explained the situation to the store manager. Now, what would you have done as the store manager? Asked him to go back to his home? Right? But the store manager allowed him to return the tires even when NordStorm doesn’t even sell tires and refunded his money.

Now you might be thinking that is that store manager is stupid? Why refund something you didn’t even sell? 

But what that store manager did, became a story and we are still telling this story after 43 years. If you google ‘NordStorm Tires’ you will get around 2 Mn results including blog post, discussions and news articles dedicated to this story only.

Now Isn’t this the best marketing campaign?

Best Marketing Campaign - NordStorm
Best Marketing Campaign – NordStorm

This type of customer service experience gave NordStorm free publicity. It is one of the best example of word-of-mouth advertising. 

NordStorm not only published these stories for marketing but also to train their employees on customer service. Customer Service became an integral part of NordStorm Culture.

I have experienced this with Amazon. I am sure that you might have also experienced this.

Share your best customer service story in comments. 🙂

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