Best Marketing Campaign Clairol

Best Marketing Campaigns – #2. Clairol

Clairol launched this campaign in the 1950’s and it changed the rules at the department of motor vehicles in many states in the USA. It is considered one of the best marketing campaigns as TIME magazine mentioned that after this campaign some states stopped asking for women’s hair color for driver’s license.

Clairol asked a simple question – Does She or Doesn’t she? Clairol said that our hair color works because it is so natural only your hairdresser knows for sure.

Clairol didn’t want word-of-mouth for its product. What it wanted was to know their audience that their product works.

In the 1950’s, Women were slowly progressing outside of the kitchen. Women used to smoke, work outside. It was the second wave of feminism in the United States but some things stayed old school.

Coloring one’s hair was one of taboo at that time. Actually only street workers and chorus girls were bold enough to change their hair color.

This was the biggest challenge for Clairol who stocked grocery store shelves with a ‘hair color bath’ which you can use your own to the color you hairs was to convince women to take the step of putting a kit into their shopping cart.

So Clairol used the slogan which made them change their mind.

“Does she…or doesn’t she? Hair color so natural only her hairdresser knows for sure!”

Best Marketing Campaign Clairol
Best Marketing Campaign Clairol
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It actually put a confidence in women that nobody will be able to figure out if their hair color is not natural.

Behind the idea for this best marketing campaign?

The idea for this best campaign came from the copywriter Shirley Polykoff. She went to meet her mother-in-law with her husband and after dinner, she asked him that how did I do? Did your mother like me? And he told her what his mother told him – She paints her hair, doesn’t she?

So it became a joke between them so whenever they saw someone stunning and attractive, they would say – ‘Does She or doesn’t she?”.

20 Years later, this joke became one of the best marketing campaigns.

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