ClickBait Examples

What is ClickBait?

ClickBait = Bait for Click

It is refers to the practice of using sensationalized or misleading content such as image or headline to tempt the audience to just click on the content. 

There are multiple ways to use ClickBait. One of the most famous is to exaggerate on claims. According to a research study in which researchers collected and analyzed 69,907 news produced by four major global media corporations – The New York Times, BBC, Reuters, and Dailymail – during a minimum of eight consecutive months. The research showed that the most powerful headlines are polarizing.

Extreme content generated most interest weather it was overly positive or overly negative.

The other interesting ways to use ClickBait is to leave out key information. This will encourage visitors to click on the content.

Few Examples of ClickBait

ClickBait Examples
ClickBait Examples and definition
ClickBait Example


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