4Cs of Marketing Mix

Marketing Mix – Extension to 4C

4C of Marketing Mix is a modern version of 4P of Marketing Mix.

To make a perfect marketing mix, you have to understand and define 4P for your product and services. 4P, as discussed earlier, is a business-centric approach to create a marketing mix. In the last few decades, businesses have understood that they need to adopt a more customer-centric approach.

That gave birth to 4C of marketing mix. below are the 4Cs.

  • Customer/consumer value
  • Cost
  • Convenience
  • Communication

4Cs are very important if you are a internet marketer. Let’s discuss each C in detail.

Customer/Consumer Value

The most important part of any marketing campaign is the impact it has on customer or consumer. Your marketing campaign must be focused on the value of your product and services delivered to your customer/consumer.

To figure out this, you need to address the customer’s needs and wants. I would recommend you to use Kano Analysis.

Kano Analysis
Source: WikiPedia

Kano Analysis can help you to understand your customer’s needs and their satisfaction level. If you want to delight your customer, Add features to your product which is more than they expect but first, you need to satisfy their basic needs.

You should also streamline your processes so that the turnaround time is lowest possible. You should show appreciation to your loyal customers and make them feel that they are special to you.

You should always listen to your customer feedback and use it to improve your business.

This will define your place in the market.


Price becomes cost when you think from the customer perceptive. 

Rather than experimenting with price, you should focus more on the cost which your customer will pay for your product and service. It includes your product price and other costs such as driving to your outlet, researching about your product, Parking fee etc.

If you are able to reduce the overall cost for your customer, you will win the market.


How convenient  is it to buy for your product?

Do they need to put extra effort? Or they can get it delivered to their home at the same cost? The more convenient is to buy a product, the more sales it will get.

And it is not only the convenience to buy, but also convenience to research about the product and try it.

So as a marketer, you should focus on customer’s convenience and remove all the barriers they might have in buying your product.


To make business customer centric, don’t promote your product, communicate the value to your customer and consumer and guide them to make a decision.

You should write content to nurture customer’s understanding about the product and service you are offering. You should talk to them like you are their friends and just helping them in making a right decision.

You should help them in understanding not only the product but also the core-job it preformed. For example, Hubspot talks about marketing and it’s tool. Hubspot engages marketer through their online courses and certification. It is really beneficial as well necessary for a marketer to use hubspot. 

It is the final element in 4C but very important to your marketing campaigns.

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