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What is Above the Fold?

Have you ever used SEO analyzer tool by Neil Patel? I tried it for my blog just to make it easy for you to understand “What is ‘Above The Fold’?”.

What is Above the fold

So the orange line here is called “Above the Fold”.

‘Above the fold’ is the first space in your web page that appears on a screen before a visitor needs to start scrolling down.

You can see that SEO Analyser has recommended to place important elements above the fold to boost conversation. 

‘Above the fold’ is the bottom line of the browser window of 600 pixels from the top of the page. 

This term ‘Above The Fold’ came from the world of print media. It refers to the space above the fold in the mid-section of a newspaper. This section is visible on the newsstand and generally includes an eye-catching image and headling to attach attention.

Meaning of Above the Fold

In one of the articles “Scrolling and Attention” by  Therese Fessenden, she mentioned that “People scroll vertically more than they used to, but new eye-tracking data shows that they will still look more above the page fold than below it.”

Above The fold Stats
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