What is Sock Puppet Marketing?

What is Sock Puppet Marketing?

Sock Puppet Marketing is the use of false identity to create demand for the product.

Now let me explain the Sock Puppet Marketing in layman terms.

you might have found a lot of fake Facebook profiles who interact in groups. They might not know that they are doing Sock Puppet Marketing but they use a false identity (in most cases a girls profile) to attract leads or write reviews about the product.

If you are part of any facebook group related to marketing, you might have found out that there are people who sell instagram fake likes, follows and comments. This actually helps a new page build confidence for the audience. 

Sock Puppet Marketing can be used for creating buzz or writing reviews. But I have seen B2B marketers failing at lead generation while using Sock Puppet Marketing.

let me give you one other scenario to get better understanding.

Assume a company wants to send a message out to it’s audience and they know if somebody else shares it, the message will get validity and people will trust it. Hence the company creates a blog and makes it look like as if it was created by a single user, a persona similar to their audience with no links to the company.

Now the company uses this blog to promote their products and services. 

Sock Puppet Marketing is unethical and in some countries, it is illegal. If defected, sock puppet marketing efforts can have a huge negative impact on you brand and led to losing customer trust.

In the United States, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has the legal authority to levy fines if a company engages in sock puppet marketing.  

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