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Consuming Kids: The Commercialization of Childhood

Consuming Kids – Documentary About Marketing


“Consuming Kids” is about how the Amercian kids now influence an estimated $700 billion in annual spending. It explains the marketing strategies which used psychology, anthropology, and neuroscience to transform children into consumers. 


From Junk foods to iPods, Youth Marketing Industry has commercialized the childhood. 

Consuming Kids is a documentary with the core theme of commercialization of childhood. It is a must watch for marketer because it explains the marketing strategies involved in transforming the children into one of the most profitable consumer. This documentary describes the evolution of childhood consumerism from 1940 to today. 

I am sure that you will really connect with the documentary. We have all done this. We were all influenced and part of the this. Remember when we used to repeatedly ask our parents to buy products, influence them to buy things which were cool. During the 1980s, It established itself as an industry. And then it just took off. This new era of childhood consumerism had unheard profits. Marketers used psychologists, anthropologists, and neuroscience to understand the kid’s behavior. They studied visual attention, measuring blink rates of toddlers, watching media clips and MRI observations of child brain activity while viewing films and their behavior in a supermarket.

They film them in the playground, school, and home to understand their eating, drinking, bathing and talking with their friends. Based on this, they improved the packaging of products and helped brand to increase their sales.

Those products are not purchased because they look good or taster better. Children buy these products because the social meaning of them is being cool. 

You are what you eat.

You are what you buy

You are what you wear

Have you ever thought why girls buy dolls and boys buy violent video games? It was the marketers who took this idea and promoted products in such a way.

This documentary has also explained about the education system. How a new billion-dollar business with big profits has made no changes in the way children learn.

You can read more about this topic here.

This is a research paper about this documentary and issue. 

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If you are well-wisher of children, screen it in your neighbourhood. Make society understand this industry.

here are the details to host a screen for this documentary.  

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