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The Persuaders

A Marketing and Advertising Documentary


The Persuaders is a great advertising documentary film for both newbie and experts in advertising. A 90-minute documentary in which Douglas Rushkoff examines how changes in marketing practices are influencing U.S. culture and politics.

Why you should watch this advertising documentary film – The Persuaders

The Persuaders looks at the different ways marketers are trying to push through the clutter, in order to get their message heard and introduces us to several brands, ideas, and people that have tried to come up with ways to achieve the ultimate secret of persuasion.

It starts by discussing the marketer’s challenge which is to change and innovate under this immense pressure. It explains the reason for marketer’s desperation and losing the interest of consumers in advertising campaigns.

Further, it shows the new meaning of brand which is that a new product needs to have something beyond the brand — an added value, an idea, a “story” behind the brand and talks about the “lovemark”. A Lovemark is a brand that has created loyalty beyond reason; it’s infused with mystery, sensuality and intimacy, and that you recognize immediately as having some kind of iconic place in your heart.

After that Douglas examines the magic connection between brand and Americans. As consumers grow more cynical about marketers’ claims, the persuasion industries are researching and refining methods to reinforce an emotional attachment between Americans and the brands they buy. Then discusses if there is a surprising future ahead for marketers and advertisers.

Some quotes from the documentary.

This is a business, this isn’t an art form. We must ensure that it’s communication that drives commerce not just makes people feel good.” – Tim Mapes Marketing Director, Delta Airlines

Good marketing research works. It means that marketers understand the real need of the customers. Sometimes unspoken. And they deliver. Give me what I want.” – Dr. Clotaire Rapaille

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